Smoke damage that needs to be cleaned and restored

Smoke and Soot: Fire Restoration Services

When it comes to fire and smoke damage removal, we’re your professional partner. We know what it takes to make a space safe again after there’s been fire or smoke damage. Don’t let the unpleasant odors or the unsightly appearance of your home linger after the flames have been extinguished. Let us help you remove the last signs of fire and smoke from your home or professional building.

Smoke damage and soot in a kitchen area, requiring cleaning and restoration.
Not much damage from the fire directly, but the smoke damage is immense.

How bad is smoke damage?

The first thing to keep in mind is that smoke damage is often more extensive than the actual fire damage. Even when it comes to small fires much smoke can travel through tiny cracks and crevices, in your walls, furniture, and floors, penetrating deep into the structure of your home. This can cause intense smells that can be hard to get rid of, discoloration of materials, and corrosion. As a result, the restoration process can be quite involved if tackling it by yourself.

Often, smoke and soot from a fire affects the following

  • Carpets
  • Curtains and upholstery
  • Appliances
  • Furniture

Not only can the smoke and soot from a fire cause damage to your home and belongings, it also has an impact on your health.

The soot and dirty water left behind from from extinguishing the fire may contain things that make you sick. Microscopic particles from smoke can get into your eyes and respiratory system, where they can cause health problems such as burning eyes, runny nose, and illnesses such as bronchitis. Fine particles also can aggravate chronic heart and lung diseases.

Fire Cleanup and Soot Removal

Smoke damage in affected bathroom in need of repairs.
damage causing smoke can affect a much wider area than the flames that produce them

The above points make it easy to see that removing the damage cause by smoke and soot is just as important as handling the fire itself. You need qualified professionals to determine what is salvageable and what needs to be removed. Having the right equipment for cleanup is also vital since working around these harmful substances disturbs and introduces them to the air if done without the proper tools and machines to prevent this.

Deodorizing after smoke and soot

Even if all looks well, the smell from smoke and soot can still remain. Professionals are able to take care of this by removing the materials affected and encapsulating structural surfaces so that the molecules that would normally carry the odor and harmful affects out of the are no longer able to do so.

In the meantime, we use specialized machines, such as air scrubbers, to clean the air and rid it of harmful chemicals and substances. This is pivotal to keeping your family safe while removing and fixing any damage.

Acting immediately is the key!

At CIS Restoration, we have years of experience in dealing with all types of fire damage, including damage caused by smoke and soot. We will work quickly and efficiently to assess the extent of the damage and develop a plan to restore your home to its pre-loss condition. We will also work with your insurance company to make sure that you get the coverage you deserve.

Some of the issues that we can fix are:

  • Staining and discoloration on walls, flooring, wood, and other surfaces.
  • Smoke trapped in the AC system.
  • Electrical, plumbing, framing, and insulation damage.

If you’ve experienced fire damage, don’t hesitate to call CIS Restoration. We are here to help you through the difficult times that fires create and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

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