fire damage restoration

Fires are devastating Let us help you rebuild

Smoke Cleaning

smoke cleaning

Most fires, even small ones, will leave staining and nauseating odors behind. We can remove these leaving your home refreshed.

Structural Repair

structural repair

Fire damage can leave your home structurally unsound. We work with engineers to ensure that your home is safe leaving you peace of mind.



Fires can ruin your electrical system, charring wires, melting components, and leaving you with no power. We are licensed to bring your home back up and running ASAP.

At Commercial Interior Solutions, we prioritize quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and timely project completion. We leverage the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver results that exceed expectations. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond restoration; we aim to create spaces that not only recover from disasters but also thrive in terms of functionality and design.

fire damage restoration

FEMA reported that around 1.3 million fires were started in 2019 causing over 14.8 billion in damages. If you are one of the unfortunate to have to go through your home catching fire, putting out the fire is only the beginning. Dealing with the insurance process, figuring out where to even start in the repair process, and knowing your home is safe is challenging. Let us help.

Getting your home to like it was before, as soon as possible, is our priority. From small fires only damaging small areas of your home or business to big ones requiring large scale repairs, we handle both with the utmost care and mitigate the troubles that last much longer than the fire itself.

Not all fires are the same. Our team is equipped to handle all circumstances surrounding the fire damage such as grease fire or electrical malfunctions. We prevent further damages not only from the smoke and soot left over, but also when water has been used to control the fire, sometimes leaving just as much damage as the fire it was used to handle. Undoing the disaster is what we do best.

Fire Damage